Why shouldn't Talibaptist be a relevant term?

I have got to wonder why it is that Wikipedia is afraid to or refuses to post this reference to the term Talibaptist. I have received two responses.
1) "...no meaningful content or history, and the text is unsalvageably incoherent"
2) "...serve no purpose but to disparage their subject or some other entity."

Talibaptist is a term derived from the combination of the words Taliban and
Baptist. The term is used to describe fundamentalist right-wing Christians that follow the teachings of extremist.

The term implies that the extreme Christian-Right has a similar goal to the Taliban in that they seek to enforce religious laws and create a theocratic state. They are often seen to be misogynistic, have a political agenda to control others by passing legislation to mandate their particular brand of faith and morality upon all people that may or may not share their religious beliefs.

Talibaptist is a term used to convey references to Dominionism also known as Dominion Theology and Christian Reconstructionism while using the Taliban like reference to highlight the true nature of such extreme right-wing Christian political agendas.

Common Usage of the term:
Talibaptist: 728 references to the term on Google:
Jerry Falwell: And on Here
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Search Google - You will see that at the time of this post there were 728 references to the term Talibaptist. So that is 728 to 2. How can I be so wrong?

If the term Talibaptist is being used by a large number of people, is reflective of the current religio-political times and events then how can it not meet the criteria on Wikipedia?

I have to argue and declare that Talibaptist is relevant and timely. If GW Bush can make up ten new words a day, why can't we have our one new word?

One more ironic point here: "Unsalvageably" also appears to not be a real word either.

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