A Closer Look at Definitions:
Conservative Vs. Liberal

One definition of conservative is that it means to favor traditional views and values. But it also means having a tendency to conserve; preservative.

Liberal tends to mean not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry. It also means to be generous in amount; ample.

The democratic party is liberal in the sense that we are progressive and forward thinking. We think about the future and plan for tomorrow.

The Democratic party wants to reduce federal spending while the Republicans have continuously increased spending and raised the amount of debt the nation is allowed to have.

How is that “conservative?” Is this a “traditional value?”

The Republican party has grown federal government to a size larger and more expensive than it has ever been in American history.

How is that “conservative?” Is this a “traditional value?”

The Democratic party wants to reduce the amount of debt the Unites States has, particularly with China and India.

How is that “liberal?” Isn’t this a “traditional value?”

The Democratic party wants more CONSERVATIVE use of natural resources like timber, coal, oil & gas. We want more fuel efficient cars and less pollution in the air. We seek sustainability and independence.

How is that “liberal?” Isn’t this a “traditional value?”

The Democratic party seeks to reduce the amount of dirty money and the corruptible influence by lobbyist and corporations that contribute huge sums of money to campaigns in both parties for access and undue influence.

How is that “liberal?” Isn’t this a “traditional value?”

Democrats hold the traditions of our founding fathers and the constitution inviolate and seek to protect those rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those same rights that every American soldier has fought for and some even died for.

How is that “liberal? Isn’t this a “traditional value?”

The democratic party believes in a strong military that is properly trained, properly equipped and has the resources they need and deserve if they ever have to go to war to be able to fight without worry about the welfare of their spouses and children being properly taken care of, that they will have the best possible medical care in the world if needed, they will have the benefits to care for their needs if disabled in combat or service to their country and their families will be properly cared for if they are killed in the line of duty.

How is that “liberal? Isn’t this a “traditional value?”

We demand that our government officials not commit felonies in their day to day activities or use their political offices for personal gain. We ask that they do not lie to us nor steal from us.

How is that “Liberal?” Are lying and stealing considered to be “traditional values?”

The democratic party wants to improve the quality of education and healthcare for children.

How is this “liberal?” Is this some new non-traditional value?

On a personal note we subscribe to a 100% renewable green energy company to provide our electricity and drive a hybrid vehicle to reduce the amount of gasoline we consume.

How is that “liberal?” We are conserving resources and reducing pollution by reducing our Co2 footprint.

People use liberal like it is a dirty word. Maybe we should be using conservative like it is a dirty word. After all by definition a conservative is resistant to change. If what we see today in the Republican Party is what they demand we keep for “conservative values” then the only answer is change.

I am a democrat and considered a liberal.


Because I am progressive and not bound by traditional attitudes?

Guilty as charged, and proud of it.

It seems to me that Republicans are really the Neo-Bourgeois, while Democrats are really more Progressive onservative.

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