No Fair, Trial for Tom DeLay

I have to say that Tom DeLay’s attorney is right. Tom DeLay will not get a fair trial.

However, I have to disagree with his logic.

The reason Tom DeLay is not getting a fair trial is because of the unfairness and inequity that is being forced upon the citizenry of Texas and the United States.

For example:
If you or any other person in this county were charged with a felony you and your family would have to come up with our own money while making significant sacrifices to get a decent attorney.

In order to hire a big gun Like Dick DeGuerin – The majority of us would have to sell our homes and still come up short of funds.

How many United States citizens would have Vice President Dick Cheney travel across half of the country to aid in a legal defense fundraiser?

Tom DeLay’s Trial is definitely not fair – it is not fair to Texans or any other American.

Prescott E. Small
Stafford, TX

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